Figuring out which ideas from your marketing efforts were able to convert and produce more sales can be a hassle. However, it is one of the most essential parts of your business. As it allows you a chance to identify your positive points and ensure increases. These increases are in ROI, brand awareness, revenue, campaign success, conversation rate, and so much more. Thankfully there is conversion attribution software to do this complicated and lengthy work for you.

Here is where you can take advantage of marketing attribution software and use them to your advantage. With the help of the right marketing attribution software, you can identify which parts of your marketing funnel were touched, and how you can boost your efforts. To help you get started we have listed down some of the best marketing attributions software.

Ruler Analytics 

Ruler Analytics is a leading multi-touch attribution software that can help you gain a great deal of insight, which in return can help you boost your wealth. Offering a way for you to tie your marketing efforts to your revenue the software tacks each visitor on their unique journey while highlighting their touchpoints. Moreover, each time a visitor converts into a lead the system matches their details to the marketing touchpoints you have set up and sends a report to your CRM. Along with other features that are designed to cater to your marketing team.

Best For: Ruler Analytics is ideal for data-driven teams that are looking to match real user data to boost engagement on every touchpoint. While linking their marketing activities to their revenue. 

Price: $149/Per Month


Adinton brings you a complete marketing optimization system that includes tools that can help you with marketing attribution. Tracking your marketing clicks, spends, and conversation rates – Adinton creates a full report sending it back to you. Guiding you through the process informs you about each effective channel. While pointing out where you are over or under-investing – making sure you can easily identify the aspects where you are losing money or opportunity. 

Best For: An all-in-one system that offers teams and individuals a taste of a wide range of required marketing tools.

Price: $79/Per Month 

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is an ecosystem that comes with an Adobe Analytics build-in attribution software that can help you out a great deal. The tool offers you all that you need from advanced statistics to machine learning – helping you identify how effective your marketing practices truly are. Additionally, it can help you identify the important aspects of your marketing strategy. 

Best For: The adobe analytics system is ideal for companies that are currently using the Adobe ecosystem.

Price: Available on Request

Google Attribution

Google Attribution is still in beta stages but offers you a chance to run full-powered campaigns on Google Ads. A free choice for those who use Google Ads and currently lack funds required to purchase a fully loaded attribution software. A part of Google’s ecosystem the attribution tool offers you insight into your ads performances. Using the information and reports provided you can easily set your campaigns and make adjustments that will help you save a great deal in the long run.

Best For: Google Ads users who are in need of free attribution software.

Price: Free


Looker is a dedicated marketing analytic software that can help you cover many marketing aspects from attribution to reporting. Enabling you to check your customer’s interactions across the board, creating a better engagement rate based on the information at hand. Moreover, it can help you personalize the process in a way that works best for your visitors. 

Best For: Looker is ideal for teams who are looking to access powerful visual data.

Price: Available on Request


Oribi is an all-in-one analytic software that offers similar data and tools you find in Google Analytics. However, Orbi takes their service one step further by breaking down data and identifying actionable insights. Meaning, it does not display the report and leave you to take on the heavy lifting. The system is designed to help you access information in various attribution models, along with the touchpoints that helped you convert each sale. Using the information you and your team can come up with a new plan that offers a great return on investment. 

Best For: Oribi is a wonderful choice for medium to large size companies that need a Google Analytics alternative.

Price: $300/Per Month


Demandbase brings you a robust set of marketing attribution features that are hard to come across all at once. However, these extensive resources are only of help if your corporation has the ability to make the most of these resources. Unlike other attribution tools, Demandbase takes every interaction a lead has, rather than simply focusing on leads that came from targeted marketing campaigns. An ABM platform that offers you the opportunity to compare your marketing attribution data to your account and find out exactly how engaging your leads have been. 

Best For: Demandbase is perfect for large corporations that are taking part in account-based marketing

Price: Available on Request


Terminus is a great choice for account-based marketing corporations that are in need of robust marketing attribution software. The system might be too much to handle for small businesses and is designed to take on large teams and corporations. Covering a range of features for you and your team to enjoy Terminus offers you a sophisticated flow that is easy to keep up with. Offering you powerful and detailed information the software can help uncover details that change the way you market. 

Best For: Terminus is designed for corporations that are using account-based marketing

Price: Available on Request  


Impact is designed to help you optimize your media purchases. A one-stop-shop that offers a great deal of insight and help to your marketing team. Taking on a range of channels at the same time helps you identify aspects they were successful in. While aspects they failed to match. Moreover, the system allows you a chance to build your reporting system. Paired with a dashboard that comes with a drag and drop system. Customizing the workings of the system to match your working methods. 

Best For: Impact is for businesses that take on many media purchases. 

Price: Available on Request


Funnel data collection software can take on your marketing and advertising data, and turn them into automated reports. These reports then help you adjust your budgets and targets based on the information on hand. Moreover, the software offers you a quick way to review your marketing campaign data. Bringing in information for every channel you have set in place. It understands and processes every piece of information to bring you optimal suggestions. One of the best features of Funnel is that it does not require any data stitching, as it can easily collect data from multiple sources. Saving you a great deal of time and energy when it comes to compiling reports.

Best For: Collecting advertising-related information and compiling it to create a single report.

Price: $499/Per Month

Choosing the right attribution software is crucial to your business, which is why we suggest you list down the features you need from an attribution software and shortlist the choices you feel match most of your requirements. From there, you can choose an attribution software based on your budget or one that makes more sense for your company in the long run.

Attribution software is not an easy purchase, in fact, it is a solid investment in your corporation’s future. A way to gain crucial information that allows your marketing team to push forward. While conversion attribution software offers you the information you need to ensure sales and get a solid ROI, that does not mean it will magically turn your income around. Keeping that in mind we suggest you choose wisely.