Google Analytics is the most popular choice when it comes to website analytics, offering users access to endless data. However, it comes with one single drawback that pulls many uses away from Google Analytics. Put in simple words, Google Analytics is hard to use and undergoes constant changes. Meaning users are kept on their toes and should be up to date on all matters at all times. Simply keeping up with every single update can become a handful and impossible to carry with on a long-term basis. This is where the Google Analytics alternatives shine.

Fortunately, Google Analytics is not the only web analytic tool out there. To help you familiarize yourself with others in the market, we have listed down the top-rated Google Analytics alternatives. 

1. Adobe Analytics 

Adobe Analytics - Magnolia CMS Extension | Magnolia Headless CMS

Firstly, Adobe Analytics is known to go beyond metrics and offers website owners a holistic view – allowing you the opportunity to pull customers your way. Providing you with real-time data that is based on accurate costume trends, intelligence, and patterns. Offering everyone an advanced experience that keeps you ranked as one of the top contenders. 


  • Adobe Analytics uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other top-of-the-line data analysis to offer users effective and efficient data. 
  • Its analysis workspace brings you a robust, and flexible canvas to help build customer analysis projects. You can drag and drop as many data tables, channels, metrics, visuals, dimensions, and time granularities to your project.
  • A follow analysis feature allows you to go through each visitor’s long. Start from where they lead came from, and how they continued through the website. Comparing every user’s journey allows you to understand and make changes. 
  • With Adobe Analytics you can discover the key statistically significant difference between every user. Uncovering key characteristics of their experience and results. 


Adobe Analytics comes with a custom pricing range that runs from $30,000 to $100,000 per year.

2. Visitor Queue

Visitor Queue offers you a chance to create a FREE account that does not require any credit card information. This allows them to offer users a glimpse at what they have to offer, keeping a track of every single visitor that comes on your website. Along with a full view of what interested them, and the moment they decided they had enough. 


  • Visitor Queue offers you a chance to grasp every lead that comes your way. Using the information collected by Visitor Queue you can offer your sales team hot leads rather than having them make cold calls that are impossible to convert. Focusing your time and energy on what matters. 
  • The system offers you an easy way to get started, and a user-friendly frame. Along with a chance to create unlimited users. Allowing users a chance to stay on top of their game.
  • Offering you dedicated customer support the system ensures you are taken care of at all times. No matter what you have questions regarding, their customer support staff is well versed in helping you out.


Visitor Queue comes with a custom pricing range that starts at $31 per month. 

3. Heap

Working at Heap | Glassdoor

A web analytics platform that is designed to capture every single user interaction on the website. Taking users through page views, link clicks, comments, and other user actions. Moreover, it allows you a chance to track events and even set up a funnel system to take a deeper look into users’ start and drop-out points. Paired with visual tools that can help you track trends – all of this can be handled by anyone – as it does not require any technical knowledge. In the right team this can be one of the best Google Analytics alternatives.


  • Heap offers you funnels that can be used to increase conversion – the system compares funnels of various users to help you understand where you are going wrong. Capturing every single moment from the start can help you identify what works, and what requires changes.
  • You can even create segments of users by keeping track of real-time behaviour compared with historical actions. You can even combine the results to create a complete analysis of both pools.
  • The system will cover every touch, so you can find which channel offers you the highest return. Paired with other related features that allow non-technical users a chance to get more done with little skill. 


Heap comes with a custom pricing range that runs from their free plan or their subscription starting from $500+ per month.

4. StatCounter

StatCounter GS (@statcountergs) | Twitter

Stat Counter is a real-time analytic system designed to help website owners track, analyze and most importantly understand each visitor. Which in return can help you make informed decisions that help in the growth of traffic. The system is completely simple and easy to use and makes for an ideal choice on websites with a small traffic footprint. Additionally, the analytical tool comes with an application that is supported by Android, iOS, and Windows – allowing you to keep up with real-time stats on the go. 


  • Statcounter offers you insight into your page views, visitors, sessions, and new visitors. Divided under different sections, so you can easily identify which sector of your plan is working, and which needs a little more work. 
  • This summary system offers results every day, week, month, quarter, and for any range, you have chosen. 
  • With the help of detailed stats, you can take a look at a deeper level, and even take a look at recent visitor activity, visitor labels, bounce rate, live visitor maps, and so much more.
  • The system comes with a growth plan convert system that collects data from web traffic and converts it into actionable insights that can help you increase revenue. Moreover, it offers you an edge by showing you how you rank against your competitors in terms of social media, traffic, mobile traffic, and user experience. 


StatCounter comes with a custom pricing range that runs from both free and paid plans. Starting from $5+ a month.

5. Chartbeat

Chartbeat | Slack App Directory

Chartbeat is a content analytics system that works on centralizing data taken from various audiences – helping you uncover and visualize insights in real-time. Focused mainly on analyzing how your audience interacts with published content, so you can understand and evaluate the impact your content is making. Moreover, it offers you a chance to evaluate the impact of your content on various channels, devices, and platforms. Offering you a complete view and understanding of your reach. With their sights on Google Analytics, this is a powerful tool and powerful Google Analytics alternatives.


  • Chartbeat brings you a real-time dashboard that can help you understand how your audience connects with your content. The historical dashboard is focuses on offering you long-term analysis. 
  • The system comes with a heads-up display that highlights your top-performing articles and shows you how far the visitor went. Furthermore, it runs headline tests that can help optimize reader engagement level. 
  • You can use advanced settings to customize the reports you receive. Or enjoy an auto-generated insight report to your inbox on a daily basis. 


Chartbeat comes with a custom pricing range that runs from $7000 per year

6. KissMetrics

Kissmetrics (@Kissmetrics) | Twitter

KissMetrics is considered an advanced business intelligence program that divides a customer’s behaviour into analytics. Allowing users a chance to enjoy actionable and real-time insights that can help boost engagement with each customer. In addition, the customer engagement automation system is designed to help companies keep track of growth. Furthermore, KissMetrics can help you get a deep understanding of behavioural analytics, email campaign, and segmentation – using a single platform. 


  • KissMetrics offers you a segmented system that easily tracks your key customer sections based on their growth and behaviour. While offering you instant reports and data that can help you start new initiatives at the right moment – making sure you achieve all your goals. 
  • The platform comes with an analysis system that captures the journey of your customers, understanding their behaviour to ensure you understand their movement patterns. Paired with reports of insights and analytics that can be accessed at any time. 
  • Using the system you can target the right leads and send them precise entails that keep them engaged and coming back for more. Along with a measuring campaign that helps you understand what drives sales and how you can boost your sales on a daily basis. 


Kissmetrics comes with a custom pricing range that covers 3 subscription plans ranging from $500 – $850+ per month.


In conclusion, these leading alternatives offer you a great deal without any added struggles of understanding and managing the system. In addition, you can boost your website in the best manner possible. Thus, allowing you to make an impact in a way that is beneficial for you and your visitors.

However, when it comes to choosing the perfect Google Analytics alternatives for your website – then you must do your research. But, it is helpful to understand what it is you need from an analytic system and how it can help your website. Once you find the features you need, you can easily narrow down your search and finally land on Google Analytics alternatives that will help you in the best possible manner.