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What is better, SEO otr PPC?

The answer totally depends on what the owner wants from the product or website.

If you want to generate sales quickly then PPC is the best option because PPC is a result-oriented process and you can see the results overnight with measurable reports.

If you want to rank high on keywords and wants to achieve the traffic organically then you should opt for SEO.

Some of the benefits of investing your time and hard work in SEO are:-

  1. Higher Traffic
  2. High CTR
  3. Better SERP's
  4. User-friendly website
  5. Brand awareness

If we compare PPC with SEO, it is costly but it totally depends on the execution and your way of running campaigns. PPC has some fair amount of advantages over SEO like

  1. Fast Process
  2. Can measure ROI
  3. Quantifiable results

As we can see the marketing competition rising in Dubai and everyone wants fast results I will suggest going for PPC is the best option for generating sales but if you want users to come to your website organically then you must opt for SEO.

How can I find the best SEO service provider?

There are thousands of companies who are providing SEO services and it is nearly impossible to tell who is best or who is worst by just seeing the proposal.

The only way to find out that they are best service provider in Dubai is by working with them. It is not impossible to know about all the digital marketing companies in Dubai but I can suggest you some points which can help you to find a best SEO agency in Dubai.

  1. Make sure Service provider understand your goals.
  2. Lates techniques knowledge.
  3. Customer testimonials and their experiences
  4. Credibility in delivering results to previous clients
  5. Work ethics and efforts
  6. Check there credibility in the market.

Go through the above points before choosing any agencies otherwise your money & hard work both can get wasted.

How do I get leads for local SEO services?

Nowadays, companies want everything fast and instead of researching the ways to get leads they buy data from the data companies. Most of the data are irrelevant and used. The data companies sold the same data to many companies which makes the data old and used and also data will be of no use for your if it is used by the several companies before you.

Getting SEO services leads in Dubai or in any other countries are difficult however if you follow the following methods you can easily get leads and build more clients.

  1. Rank on targeted keywords in Dubai.
  2. Speaking at business-related events.
  3. Networking (offline and online)
  4. Start making a connection or engaging on LinkedIn & facebook groups.
  5. Cold Calling (fewer chances of getting leads)
  6. PPC Ads
  7. Mobile marketing
  8. Collect Reviews
  9. List your business on Google My Business(GMB)
How do you calculate a keyword SEO price?

This is the concern of every company like how much SEO services will cost, what will be the price of getting at the top results on branded keywords.

Keyword price in Dubai or in any other countries depends on various factors like what is the current situation of the keyword or Where you want your link to rank on that keywords and lastly the most important in how much time you want to rank.

For example- You are currently ranking at the 10th position for the keyword "Digital marketing agency" and you want to come at the top. So to determine the cost of getting at the top we have to check the stats of the links which are appearing in the top to get the idea of how much links we are required to get to the top and in how many time we can achieve the target.

By the above factors you can get the assumption of prices for ranking the keyword.

What is the scope of SEO in Dubai now?

Digital marketing doesn't have boundaries and as we all know that Dubai is a technologically advanced and smartest cities around the world. There is no chance that there is no scope of Seo in Dubai because nowadays Digital marketing has become very popular that each and every single human who understands the importance of online marketing wants to become a digital marketing expert.

Every business, start-up, big or small, want to expand their online reach and SEO becomes an important part of their marketing mix besides other marketing strategies like Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, Email marketing, content marketing and So on.

In other words, Wherever there is technology & Internet, digital marketing is there by default.

How is SEO service important my business?

SEO is important for every business in Dubai or in any other country because users usually visit on the links which are coming on the first page and if your website link is not coming in the first page then you are really missing thousands of customers whom you can convert it as your customers.

Achieving top positions on the major search engines result pages will bring your website many more clients, so ranking in these top positions can bring about improvements in traffic and thus leading to a hike in your revenue.

A good SEO approach can drive more traffic to your website.

What are the best resources for learning about search engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO websites and blogs

1. Search Engine Land Search Engine Land gives every day breaking news and inclusion of all parts of the inquiry business.SEL highlights an assortment of industry specialists who share tips, strategies, and techniques, for the most part on the themes of SEO and PPC.

2. Moz Moz,highlights tips and guidance on the subjects of SEO, web based life, and substance. Normally, you can hope to discover four to five posts every week here. A standout amongst their most well known highlights is Whiteboard Friday, where a specialist (generally Moz fellow benefactor Rand Fishkin) will separate an expansive point by means of a whiteboard.

3. Wordtracker This is the company which will give latest updates or news and new methods for implementation about the SEO.

4. Google’s Search Engine Optimization Guide This 30-page PDF is an extraordinary apprentice's manual for SEO. It's loaded with data and pictures that accompany significant hints that you can use to improve your Google rankings.

5. Creating an SEO Strategy Google has a what-can or how-to video that helps you set up a SEO strategy and optimize it better

6. The Advanced Guide to SEO Quick Sprout or more made this nine-section Marketing Managery that offers further developed SEO tips. It's set up in an infographic style, which makes it less demanding to process.

7. How to Conduct a Competitive SEO Audit HubSpot has a five-advance guide that checks your site against your opposition. It's an incredible asset for those with cutting edge SEO information.

8. Brian dean and Neil Patel (Youtubers and Blogs) Here you will get complete guide of the SEO and how to implement the best strategy and make the website rank in top 5 searches of any search engine.

What are the top techniques for SEO?
Improves client experience over your whole website
  1. Make Your Posts Easy to Read
    • Paragraph should be shorter and informative
    • Use Mixed sentence lengths
    • Sub-header
    • Need to write content in Bullet points
    • White spaces and images
    • Write high-quality content
  2. Use Bucket Brigades to rich Interest
  3. Write content in the Inverted Pyramid Style
  4. Analyze (and Improve) Current Page Designs
  5. Site Speed
Optimize for voice search
  1. Write Content using Long-Tail Keywords
  2. Data should be structured properly
Focus on topic bundles instead of short keywords
  1. We have to know our Target Audience
  2. Content should be organized in clusters
  3. Keyword research is the most important factor
Go into detail – but only when it’s relevant
  1. Try to understand each and everything in detail.
Conquer video with YouTube SEO
  1. Video should be SEO friendly
  2. Video should be longer (7-8 mins) and informative
  3. Thumbnail should be attractive
Build a high quality of backlinks
  1. Blogs
  2. Author bio sections (Profile Creation)
  3. Product pages
  4. News sites
  5. Forums Backlinking
  6. Marketing Manageries Submission
  7. Web 2.0
  8. Guest Posting
Get a grip over technical optimization
  1. The website should be Https
  2. Mobile and user Friendly
  3. website should be categorize properly
Target local searcher’s with local landing pages and listings
  1. List your business in google my business etc.
  2. Specific SEO for local area
Focus on Long Tail Keywords
  1. Keyword should be longer and should be specific
What is on-page SEO?

On-page SEO is the act of improving individual website pages so as to rank higher and gain progressively applicable traffic in web indexes. On-page alludes to both the substance and HTML source code of a page that can be advanced, instead of off-page SEO which alludes to joins and other outer signs.

Which is best free SEO tool?
  1. Google PageSpeed Insights
  2. Alexa Rank Checker Tool
  3. Google Analytics
  4. GTmetrix Website Analyzer
  5. Find Broken Links
  6. Moz Toolbar and local listing score
  7. Keywords Everywhere
  8. SEMRush
  9. Seobility
  10. Google Search Console
  11. Yoast WordPress Plugin
Why SEO is important for your website?
  1. In Gulf Countries Most of web indexes clients are bound to tap on one of the best 5 recommendations in the outcomes pages (SERPS). To exploit this and addition guests to your site or clients to your online store, your site needs to show up in one of the best positions.
  2. SEO is not only about search engines but good SEO practices improve the user experience and usability of a website to find easier on search engines.
  3. Clients trust web indexes in inlet nations and having a nearness in the best positions for the watchwords the client is seeking, builds the site's trust and creates salary or leads.
  4. Generally in gulf countries SEO is useful for the social advancement of your site. Individuals who discover your site via looking Google or Yahoo are bound to advance it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other web based life channels.
  5. Search engine optimization is imperative for the smooth running of a major site. Sites with beyond what one creator can profit by SEO in an immediate and roundabout way. Their immediate advantage is increment in web index traffic and their circuitous advantage is having a typical system (agendas) to use before distributing content on the webpage.
  6. SEO can put you ahead of the competition. If two web sites are selling the same thing, the search engine optimized web site is more likely to have more customers and make more sales.
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